Is Automated Poker Table the Beginning of the End for a Dealer?

There are many ways available out there to increase your poker playing experience and one of them is through the use of automated poker tables. This is the latest innovation introduced in the range of poker players. Since the emergence of casino houses via internet, the experience of poker playing has gone beyond the limits of physical contact.

These days you can actually play poker without having to do anything else but clicking the button of your mouse and let the computer do the rest. Now with the release of automated poker tables, the playing perspective will definitely exclude the presence of a dealer. You see, these tables make use of a computer monitor and a touch screen that allows players to gamble without having a dealer to interact with the gaming.

Now with the introduction of these tables, land based casinos won’t have to make use of a person hired as a dealer and in this way they can cut the costs on operating this establishment, especially when it comes to clubs that host mainly poker tables. But there is one question accompanying this innovation: will the poker players agree with these types of tables?

According to a survey it has been found that many poker players will prefer playing the game in its physical form this including the actual feel of the cards in one’s hand because this gives them the impression of playing in a more professional way.

Now if you were to ask me, I would agree with this category of poker players. Although I am not a frequent poker player, I still like the touch of cards in my hands. I like to take a look at the cards one by one and discover what I got as if I am surprised by a good hand or something. However, many casino houses have already introduced these types of tables inside their establishments and many poker players are saying that it is a new experience to them, at least this one can work just fine instead of none.

At this point many poker players agree that through automated poker tables the rhythm of the playing is faster when compared to the way a game is played when a dealer is present. For instance with a player used to making $10 per hour he can now make it double thanks to the rapid pace the game is moving.

It is also worth mentioning that these new tables are a good way to start for the poker beginners because they can easily and faster improve their knowledge and skills. But it is not known yet in what way these tables can serve the perspective of poker tournaments.

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