Table Game Spotlight: Irish Poker

Are you planning to try your hands on a unique variant of Poker game? Get to know all about Irish Poker in this post! While Omaha Poker is a great casino game, it can be swinging at times. Same goes for Texas Hold’em, where it can be irritating not to get a decent card for a pre-flop. There’s a game with all the action and options of Omaha, known as Irish Poker, which is basically a mix of Omaha Poker and Texas Hold’em. In this game, players must discard a couple of cards after flop, Read more [...]

Convertible Poker Table – A Good Choice to Please Everybody

Poker game counts among the widely preferred types of casino games that exist out there and if you want to bring this experience into the comfort of your home you will want to find a poker table that is suitable for your home space.

Now let's see: you have at the ground floor the dining room and the kitchen, at the next floor you have your bedroom and your kids bedrooms and the bathrooms. The attic is only the place to gather the things you don't use anymore and it is always cluttered up there Read more [...]

Choose the Felt for Your Poker Tables

It is said that the thing that makes for the good aspect of a poker table is its authentic felt. People can choose to play poker within the space of their own house. There is no need to waste so much money on a drive, on the drinks they have at the casino house and others alike.

Instead they can save that money and have their friends coming over for a poker game. If you are one of those who have chosen this alternative you just have to get yourself a good deck of cards (the qualitative ones are Read more [...]

Choosing Your Custom Poker Table Felt – Things to Look for

When it comes to choosing your custom poker table felt, it is mostly a matter of taste and needs. After all, the term 'customize' defines something that is made according to one's requirements, this is what imprints the item unique and distinct features. These poker table felts may be presented in various colors, prints and designs, so it is up to you to decide which one matches the best your particular needs.

In case you ponder over various choices and indecisions, here are a few things that Read more [...]