Octagonal Poker Table – A Few Facts to Know when Choosing Your Poker Table

As a frequent poker player you can be tempted to give it a look at the available versions of poker tables that exist out there on the market among which the octagonal poker table counts as the favorite for many poker players. There are of course other forms such as round, oval, and rectangular, but the octagonal shape is more preferred because of its unique design and the possibility of having it placed even in a smaller sized room that you may designate for this purpose.

More than this, the design of these types of tables offer the professional feel of a poker game and this is what many poker players are looking for when they gather to play a game at their friend’s house. This article will introduce you to this choice of poker table and see what good things it comes with:

  • The form of this table makes it an ideal place to host eight players at a time offering a lot of space for each player to their own. This means that once seated at the table you will have your own space properly organized: with a cup holder for your drink and a chip organizer that allows you to keep your chips at one place without fearing that you may drop them on the floor.
  • The octagonal poker table offers a good stability in case any player will lean more on it while focusing on the game. There is the massive wood material that keeps the table off balance and speaking of wood, this one comes in various finishes to choose from: natural wood, mahogany and oak counting as the best.
  • For ensuring more safety to the table, manufacturers have secured the legs with a folding mechanism that will prevent the table from collapsing.
  • At the same time you are offered with octagonal poker tables featuring matching chairs if you want to add more authenticity to the poker room space. Yes, they are optional and yes the price will be higher but at least you will enjoy this set of poker furniture for many years from now.
  • As to the surface of the table, this one is covered in variously colored felts. The most commonly chosen color is green, but you can opt for whatever color you feel that blends better with the rest of your poker room.

The usual dimensions of the octagonal poker tables are; 52 inches across, 48 inches in diameter, and 29.5 in height. It goes without saying that this table is half the size of a casino poker table, but the feel you get while playing at it is similar to the one you have while being seated at any of the casino poker tables.

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