Choose the Felt for Your Poker Tables

It is said that the thing that makes for the good aspect of a poker table is its authentic felt. People can choose to play poker within the space of their own house. There is no need to waste so much money on a drive, on the drinks they have at the casino house and others alike.

Instead they can save that money and have their friends coming over for a poker game. If you are one of those who have chosen this alternative you just have to get yourself a good deck of cards (the qualitative ones are always those made of plastic since they can last for longer time) and durable chips to increase the authentic casino feel of this game.

It is said that the best in-home poker gambling experience is acquired with a poker table, an option that many enthusiast poker gamblers will choose given the variety of types existing nowadays on the market.

There are tables that include in their design places to hold the drinks so that you don’t have to keep your glass right on the poker table felt because you can ruin it by spilling the drink over it. Speaking of felt, this one comes also in various styles, colors and patterns to choose from. At this point you may want to focus on the type of authentic felt that a poker table is covered with.

There are several types of poker table felts fabricated with fabrics such as Faux Casino Suede, Suited Poker Cloth, Woven Wool Poker Cloth, and Suited Speed Cloth. The later one comes among the most popular types that poker tables are covered with. This is because the fabric is combined with a waterproof agent to protect the felt from spilling and staining. As to the colors, you will have a wide range of colors to choose from: red, turquoise, green, gold, cream, and many, many others.

If you want to choose a more durable felt for your poker table you can opt for Suited Poker Cloth and enjoy the way your poker cards slid smoothly on the table surface when you deal the cards. However, this type of felt is not waterproof so you have to be careful when serving drinks at the table.

For having the most authentic felt on your poker table, you may want to opt for the type known as Faux Casino Suede felt which may be a little bit more expensive but increases the poker gaming experience up to the level of a real feel of a casino poker game. If you are looking for something more affordable, then you can go with Woven Wool Poker Cloth.

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