Choosing Your Custom Poker Table Felt – Things to Look for

When it comes to choosing your custom poker table felt, it is mostly a matter of taste and needs. After all, the term ‘customize’ defines something that is made according to one’s requirements, this is what imprints the item unique and distinct features. These poker table felts may be presented in various colors, prints and designs, so it is up to you to decide which one matches the best your particular needs.

In case you ponder over various choices and indecisions, here are a few things that might help you in making a definite decision:

  • Look for the color. You will be tempted to go with the color that is of your liking, but you might as well consider the use of this table. For instance, if you plan on placing this table inside your home to entertain your guests, then you may want to look for a color that blends with the interior.

    If you run a club and you plan on purchasing a poker table for the establishment, you may opt for a color that goes with the standard colors used for these places. At this point you can have it customized with the logo of your club or simply with the name of your club. Colors to choose from are of various ranges from red, burgundy, green, to blue, orange, turquoise and platinum.

  • Look for the patterns and/or designs. Again it is a matter of preference when choosing the custom poker table felt according to the desired design or pattern. As mentioned above, this may depend as well on the use of the table. The place chosen for this table will be of importance in the choice of design.

    A plain color without any pattern on it is the standard type but there is no limitation on this one, so feel free to include a design or pattern that goes with your needs and tastes. The thing is that with a custom poker table felt that is rich in patterns, the players may feel distracted from their poker game, so it might be more of a common sense to go with a plain color and that’s it.

  • Look for the type of poker game that is going to be played at the table. For Texas Hold’Em you may need to go with a custom made table that is appropriate for this type of poker. So, make sure that you know what style of poker is played at the table prior to choosing the table felt.
  • Look for the size. This is easier to determine, because all you need to do is to measure the playing surface of the table and then order for the right custom poker table felt in accordance to these measurements.
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