Find Out Some of the Popular Poker Table Cloths

Setting up a poker room either it is for the club you own or for your home place, it is important to check as well with poker table cloth although many people will take this for granted. Well, maybe it used to be this way in the past, when there was the good old green felt to cover the surface of poker tables, but not anymore.

Aside from this with a carefully chosen type of cloth you can make sure that you really make an impression for all those poker players who are going to sit at that table. It is also important to check with the right type that is of a better quality than others given the fact that players can easily spill over the table their beers ruining as such the cloth that will have to be replaced.

If you own a club and want to put together this poker room, make sure to purchase a table that has a quality cloth that can be easily cleaned no matter how often your customers spill drinks over it. It is way better to do this than chasing away a poker player for spilling by mistake his bottle or mug of beer, right?

Now let’s take a quick look over the various common types of poker table cloths and see which one suits your needs the best:

  • Suited waterproof stalwart table felt cloth appears to be one of the most favorite type because it clearly maintains the surface away from getting stained and dirty. It has the pattern of a the four card suits and is offered in various colors from royal blue, polo, burgundy to silver, lavender and chocolate.
  • The ‘speed cloth’ is famous for its surface that makes the cards glide smoothly on the poker table surface. You don’t get the cards all stumbled into the felt cloth when dealing them and risk revealing what cards you deal to the players.

    This one comes also as a resistant material against staining and spilling and it can be perfectly tailored to an octagonal poker table format. You can order for it online as well if you choose to go with online shopping. At this point you will be delivered with a swathe of the material to have an idea how this feels for the cloth of your poker table.

  • In case you want to imprint your poker table a more casino-like aspect, you can choose the casino grade single color which may be of green, blue or red. In this way you get a more professional look for your poker table.
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